September 16
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first "gut check" is in the books

OK, so that was a test for the Ravens on Sunday.

And they passed.

It wasn't pretty at times. The secondary was particularly average. There were a handful of shocking coaching mistakes. And even the quarterback, despite an overall good day, had several poor throws and misreads throughout the afternoon.

But it was also far more representative of "real football" than was last week's 59-10 laugher against the Dolphins' JV team down in Miami.

When the chips were down on Sunday against the Cardinals, the Ravens came through with flying colors.

Twice in the fourth quarter, the Baltimore defense produced a key stop that gave Lamar Jackson and the offense the ball. After the second of those stops, Jackson threw a beautiful 3rd down ball to Hollywood Brown for a long gain that sealed the victory.

The only blemish on their record together was a loss at K.C. last December. They'll get another crack at the Chiefs in K.C. next Sunday.

Jackson did more damage with his feet than with his throwing arm on Sunday, but that's OK. There will be games, as I noted in yesterday's "Keys To The Game", where Greg Roman is going to have to unleash Jackson on the ground, and Sunday's encounter with Arizona was the perfect time for that.

The Ravens' secondary -- specifically anyone not named Marlon Humphrey -- had a rough go of it, as Kyler Murray, Larry Fitzgerald and a bunch of guys you've never heard of kept Arizona in the game all afternoon. Murray wasn't great early on, but once he got his sea legs under him, the #1 pick from last April's draft looked decent enough. A few completed passes were jump-ball-types that were won by Arizona, but if you were handing out pass/fail grades to the Cardinals' QB on Sunday, he most certainly passed the Baltimore test.

The score might have been different had John Harbaugh's defense not been called for having 12 men on the field twice in the 3rd quarter. Make that twice on the same series in the 4th quarter. How that happens is anyone's guess, but it did, in fact occur. Those are high school mistakes there, friends. You can't make those in the NFL on a regular basis. Hopefully we've seen the last of them in Baltimore this season.

The result might have been different if not for a fortunate bounce of the ball, too. With the Ravens ahead 23-17 in the fourth quarter, Lamar Jackson threw a ball from deep in his territory that bounced off the body of an Arizona defensive back and went high in the air. If a Cardinals player would have pounced on it before it touched the ground, Arizona would have had great field position and a chance to take the lead. Alas, the defender closest to the ball couldn't haul it in before it hit terra firma and the Ravens marched on.

It was good to see the Ravens get tested and pass the exam. Sure, it was the Cardinals. 23-17 might have been too close for comfort for some folks. But you learn more about your team from 6-point games than you do 49-point games.

All we learned last week in Miami (and saw again yesterday) is that the Dolphins might not win 2 games all season. We learned yesterday that the Ravens can man-up defensively when they need to and put a game away.

We also learned Mark Andrews is already a Top 5 tight end in the NFL and could very well be Top 3 by season's end. I hope he likes Hawaii, because he'll be making annual trips there throughout his career as part of the Pro Bowl roster.

We learned the Ravens' pass rush still needs to improve. Early on they pressured Murray and made him uncomfortable, but as the game wore on, the pass rush weakened considerably.

We learned Minkah Fitzpatrick might be worth pursuing, particularly if Jimmy Smith's injury is going to keep him out for at least four more weeks. With the Chiefs and Browns coming up in the next two weeks, defending the pass is going to be critically important.

And we learned that the Ravens' offense is much, much better and more diverse than it was a year ago. Mark Ingram is a plus. Hollywood Brown is a plus. And Lamar Jackson is light years better right now than he was in November when he assumed the starting job after Joe Flacco's injury.

A 2-0 start is the best you can do when you've only played twice. Any win in the NFL is important, particularly when you're trying to win your division and secure a home playoff game. Winning the North shouldn't be hard for the Ravens. The Bengals and Steelers are both working on 5 or 6 win seasons, max, and the Browns are still the Browns until they prove they're no longer the Browns.

The Ravens -- you heard it here first -- have a real shot at being the #2 seed in the AFC. Their schedule includes wins over Buffalo, NY Jets, Cincinnati (2), Pittsburgh (2) and Cleveland (at least one). That's 9 wins right there if you add on the two they already have. Win a few more along the way (Cleveland away, Houston at home, San Fran at home) and suddenly you're a 12-4 team and you get an extra week off in January to prepare for the post-season.

And as we saw yesterday with the injuries to Hall of Fame QB's in New Orleans and Pittsburgh...all it takes is one mid-season thumb injury to Tom Brady and the Ravens could be on the fast track to hosting the AFC title game for the first time ever.

There's a long way to go, yes, but the friendly schedule maker and a rising star at quarterback have created a lot of September promise for John Harbaugh's team.

They just need to keep getting better.

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"The Keen Eye" of
David Rosenfeld

DAVID ROSENFELD is a former sports publicist who still keeps his eye on the game. Looking at the game, the news or the players on an in-depth level is what he likes to do. Follow his work here at #DMD every Monday & Thursday, brought to you by Glory Days Grill.

yesterday, today and tomorrow

This Week’s Subject: The Running Game


From the everyday folks here in Charm City to the color commentators scattered around the country each week to the NFL Network analysts out in Los Angeles, everyone wants to talk about Lamar Jackson’s improvement as a thrower. And why not? Heck…he just cemented a game late in the fourth quarter with a perfect long ball to Marquise Brown in a situation that didn’t call for that kind of low-percentage play. That was awesome.

Let’s not forget, however, what Jackson has done for the Ravens in the nine regular-season games in which he’s started, to the tune of an 8-1 record with the only loss coming in overtime on the road against the best team in the AFC in 2018.

In week one he crushed with the Dolphins with his arm. In week two, he used his feet to help the Ravens get past the Cardinals.

In those nine games, the Ravens have run for 2,054 yards. That’s an average of 228 yards per game. With 395 rushing attempts, it equates to 5.2 yards per carry. It’s simply not surprising when a Ravens’ runner, be it Jackson or someone else, blows open a play for 15 or 20 yards. It’s old news now.

Jackson, as noted still in the single digits in terms of regular-season starts, is still a work in progress. I’m not trying to place him alongside Brady and Brees and Rivers and Ben, and it’s not easy to compare him to those guys anyway in terms of playing style.

What Jackson is doing, however, is leading the best offensive team in the AFC, and maybe in the NFL, because the current Ravens are the best running team in the league in a long time.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say “best” there. It’s still early in the season, and the Ravens haven’t played the league’s “best” yet for sure. The 440 yards the Ravens gained against Arizona is a great number; the 643 yards in Miami is an aberration that’s skewing the stats.

Still…it’s been enough time now. The Ravens are a great running team on RPOs and “veer” looks and short-yardage power situations. Obviously, they’re a great running team because the quarterback is a special talent. There hasn’t been a team quite like the Ravens in the league in a while, at least not in the 21st century anyway.


Every NFL team signs free agents in the offseason. I assume most do it for “need,” whether that need is to get a certain player at a position that’s questionable or a position that’s in need of a replacement for a guy who left for somewhere else.

That’s what makes the Mark Ingram signing an interesting one for the Ravens. You could argue that the team didn’t “need” a guy like him, not with the quarterback seemingly the main focus of the running game. But you could also argue he’s up there in the best signings of the winter.

The numbers say that Ingram has rushed 27 times for 154 yards, nearly six yards per carry, thanks to breaking off a couple big ones. But it’s more than that. He’s just the right guy, both physically and mentally, to be playing for the Ravens in this offense.

On Sunday, thanks to some designed plays and a few scrambles, Jackson ran for 120 yards on 16 carries. Last week, it was Ingram running for 107 yards on 14 carries. While Ingram’s presence seems to be turning Gus Edwards a bit more part-time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gus has a similar game soon, whether to the 100-yard mark or not.

The Cardinals, understandably, gave up on the run almost entirely on Sunday. For the game, they were credited with a total of 20 yards on 11 carries. Certainly the Ravens won’t have a running performance like that this season, because there’s little chance they’ll have a game with so few attempts.

Still, do you see the Ravens having a game with 50 or 60 or 80 yards on 25 carries? It’s going to be almost impossible.

As the season continues, defensive coordinators will develop better game plans against Baltimore. Most of those coordinators, I’m sure, have studied that Chargers’ playoff film backwards and forwards. Somebody beat Lamar Jackson and the Ravens when they were looking to run the ball effectively.

With Ingram on board, and Jackson a better player, coordinators are going to have to work extra hard now. It’s not so simple anymore, as the first two games of this season have plainly shown.


Anyone ever read The Power of Positive Thinking? It’s a self-help book from the 1950s, written by Norman Vincent Peale. According to the interwebs, the book “describes how to achieve a permanent and optimistic attitude, usually through affirmations and visualizations.”

Not to turn such important life-affirming thoughts into trivial matters like sports, but isn’t that what it feels like when the Ravens’ offense is on the field? If it feels like that to the 70,000 in the stadium and the rest of us watching at home, imagine how it feels to the 53 guys on the active roster.

It would be wrong to say that the Ravens never have a “negative” play, either statistically or emotionally, but it comes close, doesn’t it?

The nature of the running game, which looks more like that of a college team than a professional team, lends itself to that. It’s quick and “downhill” and straight ahead, sometimes even with the quarterback. The “stretch” that was always run so fundamentally by Joe Flacco doesn’t exist, really. All the stretching is coming from Jackson’s ability to get to the outside, or possibly from jet sweeps and end-arounds yet to be seen this season.

To be simple about it, the Ravens are running an offense that’s wanting to possess the ball, but they’re so adept at it that it actually leads to greater chances for longer plays.

And speaking of possessing the ball…Jackson has yet to lose control of it while moving around in the pocket trying to avoid defenders. We’re only two games in, but that’s been a noticeable difference from his starting stint in 2018.

Most of the positive plays, and most of the positive thinking for that matter, comes from the uniqueness of the Ravens’ running game. In addition to his hard work in the offseason, I’m sure that Jackson knows that his passing success has something to do with the run game too.

In the next four weeks, the Ravens play Kansas City, Cleveland and Cincinnati, all teams who they gashed on the ground last season. I’d bet on the offense having plenty of success against those teams again, because the Ravens are simply better at it now than in 2018.


sad news about ric ocasek

Over the summer while fiddling around on Twitter one day, I participated in a long-thread chat about the most underrated bands of the last 50 years.

My number 1 was The Cars. In case you care, btw, #2 was The Goo Goo Dolls and #3 was The Script.

Ric Ocasek passed away on Sunday at age 75.

I always thought The Cars were extraordinarily underrated. Granted, they eventually made the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, which suggests somewhere along the way they finally were appropriately rated, but if any band ever put out three incredible albums in a row to start their recording career and those albums were better than what The Cars produced, please line up said band for evaluation.

Ric Ocasek, the lead singer and front man of The Cars, passed away yesterday in New York City at age 75.

A small piece of my young adult life also passed away yesterday.

I probably listened to the first two albums (self-titled "The Cars" and "Candy O") more than any two albums in the late 1970's and early 1980's. To say those two albums were the "Soundtrack of my Life" would be completely accurate. And they followed that up with a third release, "Panorama", which was also sensational.

I played a lot of soccer with Let's Go turned up loud on someone's boombox. I drove around Glen Burnie and chased a lot of girls with "Touch and Go" blaring out of the speakers. I didn't catch many of the girls, but the music sure sounded great.

The Cars and Ric Ocasek were magical. No band has ever reproduced that sound. I realize there's no stopping it, but I don't like this "getting old" thing. Too many people you admired along the way wind up leaving us.

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#dmd comments

Brien Jackson     September 16

The Ravens could fit Ramsey under the cap for the next 2 years, but then he'd need a big extension and you could probably only afford one of him/Humphrey. On the other hand, Minkah Fitzpatrick comes with 3 cheap years plus his fifth year option, so if the Ravens are interested in him that one is much more doable.

RJ     September 16
Y'all realize there's this thing called a salary cap, right? Unless that's been researched before all these "go get this guy or that guy" proclamations are made

H     September 16
Just read that Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. He is worth a 1st and a 2nd. I hope the Ravens look into getting him

Jason M     September 16
U2B correctly forecast, yesterday was a good example of taking what the defense was giving us. DR is also correct about the positive feeling at the stadium. As I remarked to the guys around me, as a 20 plus year season ticket holder, I've never seen an offense this efficient, at least not wearing Purple. Too soon, but like DF, I feel like we passed our first gut check moment and we bent for sure, but we were in control throughout and the Cardinals were chasing.

M.M.     September 16
"More Fun" should do "More studying on how to write."

Tim D in Timonium     September 16
There was at least one on ESPN, right? Kudos to St. Frances, MFC, they did exactly what so many people were moaning and complaining they should do - play a national schedule.

Now the only MD high schools playing a sport at that level will be in lacrosse, and maybe a few in soccer.

Some guy     September 16
One big difference is More Fun is just a guy commenting, he is not pretending to be a real writer.

Oh no, @MFC is not gonna watch any more MD football games unless they pick up the pace! That is hilarious. I hear some St Frances games will be televised, they play real fast lol

Steve of Pimlico     September 16
2 weeks into the NFL season and Brees, Big Ben,Foles,Darnold and Luck all gone. The product on the field is suffering.How long can Lamar stay upright?

mike from catonsville     September 16
No one even mentioning the Terp fiasco on Saturday.

Not only did they lose a "winnable" game it took 3:46 to play. I'm not sure how many games I will watch if it takes that long again.

M.M.     September 16
@Bill, I was thinking the same thing. He/she takes too long to say what could be said in 2-3 sentences. Just like "you know who".......

Bill P.     September 16
And people here think Brien Jackson is hard to read. Anyone else try and follow along with "More Fun" below? Impossible to read and follow. Terrible grammar and writing.

More Fun     September 16
Easy targets.

1. NFL Thursday night games. "They are bad", "the quality of play is slip shod". Did anyone watch yesterday? Terrible games all over the place. Most games were bad. The problem with Thursday's? ONLY one the awfulness of yesterday is trumped by a couple of good games. And lots of Sunday's have bad games. "One is the loneliest number".

2. Flacco HATE from 1680 miles away. Sloppy, defensive game in Denver. Flacco plays against a top defense and gets stymied most of the game.....but with the last possession he bears down, converts two Fourth Downs and puts them ahead....and loses because of Referee malpractice.....and Twitter explodes w/ "he should have played at that level all game". As JJ said, each game is it's own. Flacco was in plenty of shootouts....and had the defense give up the late TD with zero time on the clock. He is a good clutch QB. Is he the greatest ever? Nope....but he plays well in clutch parts of the game....which is why the Ravens trusted him.

3. Not saying the games are fixed, but they have to "coach out" refs sense of "fairness". A team goes up by 2 TD's and gets the ball can almost predict an offensive HOLDING call is up coming. The flags ruin the pace of the game. Most of the time, the refs seem to make calls that makes the games CLOSER.

4. All pre-season predictions are out the window. Brees, Ben OUT.....Old guys get hurt.

5 TRY to watch MNF tonight like one of the teams is YOUR will see lots of warts. Do this for a few weeks on ANY game that you are tuned might get you some perspective. Like JJ said, I was watching Brady futz around throughout the 1st half against the DOLPHINS yesterday. I taped the Ravens...and watched the Pats/Dolphins on my Sunday ticket. I had a bet on it. It was nerve wracking as I thought it would be 31-0 in the first quarter. IT was 13-0 halfway into the 3rd quarter. Are the Boston radio stations "blowing up" today? Might be, football fans are the most delusional of all sports fans.

6. My brother talked to some MIDDIES that came to the game yesterday. The free tickets came from those that couldn't be sold. "it is an illusion"

Neutral Observer     September 16
What's the difference between applauding Tiger's injuries (which several people here have done) and applauding a correct injury prediction? Nothing to me.

HERMAN     September 16

Last year's RPO was run from multiple fronts and formations with a variety of options depending on D response. Lamar's runs yesterday were pre-planned runs predicated on collapsing the end with the fake and running wide. They were not improvised. There wasn't one occasion where Lamar wasn't going to pull the ball out and take it around end himself. They were singularly designed Lamar around end plays. As opposed to last year's RPO where as the play developed Lamar took the optimal option. We gashed opponents with that offense. I don't understand why it wouldn't work again, the movement, the reconfiguration of tight ends and receivers moving behind QB.

I fully realize that all of Lamar's designed runs worked, and worked to perfection. But at crunch time with 4 minutes left you need more in the bag than QB left end.

If we miss the throw to "Hollywood" they get a clean clock and plenty of time. The way the D looked I sure didn't want any more chances for their O to go downfield.

The point I was making was, at crunch time, I'd like to see them run last year's RPO with all the movement and confusion for the D, where we were averaging over 7 yards a rush with any of 3 options for the QB to go with the ball.

I loved the end run, he is faster than anyone on the field. But if that's all you got they'll start staying home on end and force you to throw. I want to make them have to think about more options than just that one.

Another guy     September 16
Really, we are applauding injury predictions now? Sheesh

sideline observer     September 16
@JJ Good luck with that one! Couch potato experts know all, just ask them! That guy was open, this play would have worked, what was that guy looking at, I could see it from my lazy boy!

Ditto with all the coach lecturing. All it takes is one knucklehead out of 53 to mess up something simple. Think about that. Given that the worst player on a roster is among the best in the world at what they do, the coach experts still think the coach can make them all listen each and every play every week. The flip side is, how about being impressed that 99.9% of the time, they actually are able to get these disparate egos all moving in the same direction.

Instead we get “I get my U12 travel kids to listen or they won’t play, why can’t they??” the stupidity is mind boggling.

Ravens Fan     September 16
Drew called that one about Ben R. being out for the season yesterday on Twitter. You hate to see it!!! (Or not.)

TJ     September 16
I like Drew's term for Sunday's game. "Gut check".

That's kind of what it was. We weren't great on either side of the ball (two TDs is hardly great) but when we needed to make a play on offense and defense, we did it.

I think we know this Sunday will be a challenge. But as long as we split the next two and we're 3-1 after Cleveland, that's fine.

JJ     September 16
I thought the Ravens played well. The offense changes from week to week. As Hot Rod Piper once said. "Just when they think they have the answers, I change the questions". Lamar, no runs last week, some runs this week. And lets be real honest. It really doesn't matter if the Edge Setter sets the edge, Lamar is so fast he outruns the edge. There really has been no one like him. Angles? He outruns them. Freaky fast. They can say anything about speed....but he looks to be the fastest guy in the NFL....with all of equipment on. And his mentality about how/where he runs is also vastly different from last year. He has learned some lessons in that front as well. He missed Andrews for a long gainer yesterday....and I saw Brady miss a wide open guy in the end zone TWICE in the same series. All of them do. The essence of EACH game is NOT what you see in the highlight film. We watch every snap of OUR game with great intensity, but NEVER in any other game. A missed throw by Brees is not TORN apart like the local guy.

People talk about MORONIC things like "High School/10 year old travel teams wouldn't make that mistake". Of course, that is crazy. The pressure is intense. The game is fast. And the other side is out there. Lots is going on.....and yet Harry Highschool can sit at home guzzling down beer...and state "I can't believe that fill in the blank Ravens player wasn't able to knock that ball down". you are running at 20 MPH...the other guys is running 21 MPH...and a ball is traveling at 50 MPH and you have to run fast, be near the guy[who is pushing at you], track the ball and make a play....all the while with a stadium of 70k screaming their lungs out....and you have an assignment in whatever defense has been called. . Add that in the other 50 plays you have made have been perfect....but "How could he not see that ball?" People are goofy.

Does anyone ask why they 12 man problems? Was some one injured? Or was some Raven coach out of touch? Or was Judon[who was seen screaming at coaches] just doing his thing? Might be one of those "I knew it all along" when Judon gets in hot water. Really good player...but he went to Grand Valley State for a reason...there are no secrets in todays game. Even "Peanut" had a ride at Arizona[I think] until he had some problems and ended up at Portland State.

Each game takes on it's own personality. This is the lesson we should know. In the NFL to try and FIT what went on this week to next week is why people LOSE at football betting when the choice is really a 50/50 deal. The Chiefs game will be different...and the Ravens speed will give ANY team in the league a problem.

Delray Rick     September 16
Over 70,000 at the game !!!

Tom J     September 16
We also need to “fix” learning to line up correctly on offense and learn how to count to 11 on defensive. That’s inexcusable. Also, I know this is asking a lot being our coach has always been “clock management” challenged but if you chose to go for 4th and 2 at the goal line and you see the clock saying 3,2, may want to make the T sign with your hands to let the ref know and don’t lose 5 yards which then forces you to take the FG.

JohnInEssex     September 16
MAN - was already bummed out about Eddie Money passing, and now reading the news about Ric Ocasek on DMD. Played all kinds of Eddie Money on the jukebox last week, now gonna do a Cars tribute this week.

Weird how you can make a bond with musical artists without ever really meeting them in person. Did have a brief conversation with EM back in 2016 following his concert in OCMD. REALLY nice and humble guy.

David Rosenfeld     September 16

I would disagree with you, because Lamar Jackson is part of the Ravens' "standard run game."

On the first drive of the game, the Ravens lined up in a "pistol" with Ingram 2 yards behind Jackson, and Ricard to Jackson's right. Only 2 receivers, both to the strong side. This is obviously going to be a run. The ball's snapped, Jackson puts the ball in Ingram's belly, he takes it out, Ricard's out there, and the Cardinals are screwed. 19 yards. Would you rather Lamar have handed the ball off for six yards, or have him go 19 and get out of bounds without getting hit?

He was credited with 16 rushing attempts yesterday. Probably eight of them were called. The Ravens still had more than 100 yards in the standard run game.

Brian M.     September 16
Hey Drew,

You went 3-2 with your picks this week.

Made up some ground from last week.

Ron Mexico     September 16
Ric Ocasek also gave every man hope they could marry a supermodel.

mike from catonsville     September 16
Exciting weekend for women's golf with the Solheim Cup on the line. Weather saturday was horribe but they slogged on. Yesterday couldn't have been more exciting as a putt to win missed for USA and a putt for the Cup went in for Eurpoe. It was exciting to watch. Both teams were gracious and showed class in winning and defeat.

@DF, we're getting old pal, the Pro Bowl game is in Orlando. You and I can remember those days the millenials can not. Heck it was the only reason the players went to the game.

Looks like more than a few "knee knockers" returned yesterday. Awesome, please keep it up Ravens you have a chance to reenvigorate the city.

unitastoberry     September 16
Losing Tavon Young and Jimmy Smith loomed large yesterday. The secondary minus Humphrey was bad. The offense came out strong then Lamar lost his accuracy until the 4th quarter. The 12 men on the field and clock management is on Harbaugh. Sit up straight in your chair coach! If they play like this next week its loss number 1. The Stillers back up didnt look bad. It's September football they all count but you dont want to peak until December-January.

HERMAN     September 16
At 2-0, and with a 2 game lead over perhaps the entire division, it's probably not right to be critical of the performance, but there is cause for concern after yesterday's game. The O coordinator has abandoned the standard running game and put the game on Lamar's arm and legs. Last year's RPO offense, the one that gave the league absolute fits has disappeared. Late in the game, when teams usually grunt out time and first downs on the ground we were still throwing. Sure "Hollywood" made the catch, and might have saved the game, but I'd rather see an unstoppable RPO grind out first downs and run out clock. We had no real standard run game at all yesterday.

Blown coverages appeared to be the norm. It's quite a sight to see Fitzgerald running free, as he is their major threat. You'd think covering him would be a priority, but apparently not as he was seen catching a ball in space late in the game absolutely uncovered.

I guess only a Ravens fan can gripe after a 2-0 start with the rest of the division, and particularly the Pittsburgh Squealers being winless and QB-less today. Chicken Little lives in Pittsburgh on this Monday morning, and isn't that just delicious.

Schadenfreude truly lives and breathes as a Baltimore victory and Squealers loss to put them 2 back makes you break out laughing in the middle of the day randomly.

Yinzer Nation is crying big tears, it makes me so happy I forgot NE was in the league.

Delray Rick     September 16
That RAVENS better straighten out there DB @ SAFETYS or they Wil get crushed next week. These guys can't cover turtles. The backs do not turn around when the pass is coming and there was always 2 covering one receiver AND THEY STILL let catch the ball. JACKSON can really get the team out of a hole when using those legs. He did throw a couple bad passes to ANDREWS.

Daniel C.     September 15
The morally superior protectors of Eldrick must have specific evidence of alleged racism. Perceptions are baseless and subjective. Cite specifics since you assumed the role of judge & jury. Chew on some edible gummies to curb your outrage and produce your evidence.

The other guy     September 15
Oops, Joe let the other team come back and score at the buzzer again, man he stinks

The other guy     September 15
Flacco GW drive

DF     September 15
@"Steve" --

I watched every snap of the game, bruh.

RJ     September 15
Yea, who needs to watch in order to opine!

Steve     September 15
Lol at DF... watches a quarter of the game (not even) before hitting the golf we have a three point game. What a super fan.

J.Handy     September 15
Torrey goes out with two of the only rings that really matter -- the guy's a champ.

Delray Rick     September 15
SMITH does not belong in ROH.....PERIOD

Brien Jackson     September 15

The game winning TD in Pittsburgh in 2011.

The 2012 game against New England after his brother died.

His big first half at Denver in the 2012 playoffs.

Josh     September 15
I had to lol at the thought of Torrey Smith in the Ring of Honor. Best Torrey Smith moments? I’m having trouble thinking of one...Was it him that did the snow angel in the confetti after the Super Bowl?     September 15
UMDC takes the collar....again. Hope it doesn't rub off on the Ravens

unitastoberry     September 15
I agree with you Lamar needs to run a bit to keep the D off balance. It may not happen today because thats what AZ is thinking too. But it will happen eventually when the box is not stacked. Unitas used to always say.....Take what the defense gives you. Marty did not adhere to that hopefully Roman does.

Chris K     September 15
I think Torrey Smith belongs as much for his production as for what he’s meant to the Baltimore community. Even after being allowed to leave via free agency, he never left the city of Baltimore. Plus they don’t necessarily win the 2012 super bowl without him. He deserves to be in.

Steve from Cape Coral     September 15
Let's hope the Ravens don't pull a Terrapin !!!

The truth     September 14
It's the go to thing for all the Tiger groupies- if you don't think Tiger is the greatest golfer/Dad/son, then you must be a racist. Sad

Bryan     September 14
I'm with ya Herman, Tigers' a total jerk, has nothing to do with his race. He WAS an incredible golfer at one time. Other than that I never understood the hero worship of him.

Jefwel     September 14
I'm right there with you, @some guy, this stuff written about Herman sickens me. Ever since 2008, the eternally offended generation brands you racist if you dislike or have a negative take on a minority. Got to get in line or else idiots like GM and Jeff P. will spout their "you're a racist BS. I don't like to call names but I think those buffoons earned it. Sorry @ DF, but if they are going to go so far as to brand someone racist ( which is a very serious accusation) I will sink to their level as well.

BO     September 14
Someone tell "Herman" 1986 called. Greg Norman was wearing collarless shirts 30 years ago.

Jeff P.     September 14
@Some Guy

If the shoe fits, wear it. I don't follow golf at all but I follow this site enough to say @Herman has earned his moniker over the years.

He hasn't done much to hide it.

Delray Rick     September 14
The reason "The MESSIAH " is playing cause it needs the ratings BUT .....FOOTBALL!

Some guy     September 14
Why is it ok for commenters to call Herman a racist? We all know he dislikes Tiger and the SOD are Tiger worshippers, but concluding that makes Herman a racist is not only childish it's way out of line. Don't get why this site bans pot shots at former boss but continues to allow personal attacks on Herman

breakfast bytes

O's closing in on 50 wins! Birds roll over Detroit, 8-2.

Sunday Night Football: Late TD by Julio Jones and last gasp defensive stop give Falcons a 24-20 home win over Philly.

Brees (thumb) and Roethlisberger (elbow) both injured in losses on Sunday; Patriots cruise past Dolphins, 43-0, as Antonio Brown hauls in TD catch.

Golf: Suzann Pettersen's birdie putt on 18 gives European women the victory in the Solheim Cup; Joaquin Niemann wins at The Greenbrier for first PGA Tour victory.

Monday, September 16

WP: T. Alexander (1-3)

LP: J. Means (10-11)

HR: Mancini (33), Mercer (9)

RECORD / PLACE: 49-101/ 5th