June 30, 2022
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There was a time, circa 1958, when the hula hoop was all the rage. It was the game -- or "thing" -- Americans enjoyed the most.

Then along came the skateboard, in the late 1970's, and that was the new hot thing to do.

I won't bore you with what else came along here and there and "took over" for a period of time, but you know the drill. Every 10 years or so, something "new" pops up and we make that our new passion for a while.

For the last couple of years, the new American game is "Gotcha!". I've talked about it here at #DMD on numerous occasions. It appears to be a specialty in these parts for whatever reason. "Gotcha!"

You know how "Gotcha!" works, right? You slip it around your waist and then you move your hips in a circular motion and -- oh, wait, that's the hula hoop. Sorry. "Gotcha!" doesn't use any athleticism. My apologies.

"Gotcha!" takes place when there's a topic at hand and someone's position, answer, stance etc. can be argued by bringing up something else totally off subject and pointing out the obvious connection between the two situations.

Everyone loves "Gotcha!" these days. It's the new American game.

It actually originated in politics, right around 2016. There's not enough space to get into how and why it started to sprout up, but one part of the country got their feelings hurt over an election result and started using "Gotcha!" to try to expose the other part of the country into being bad people.

The roles reversed themselves in 2020. We're still playing "Gotcha!" in politics now, except the side that was first mad is now happy and the other side is mad and routinely playing "Gotcha!".

Let's take a break for one second as I remind you that tonight at 6 pm at Pine Ridge Driving Range, I'll be running another free golf clinic on behalf of Maryland FCA. Juniors, adults, etc. are welcome to attend. Boys, girls, any age, young or old. The free clinic runs until 7:30 pm. Please come out and join us!

My position on the fledgling LIV golf circuit has been well defined here over the last four-plus months. I don't like it. If you just want to know, "Drew, do you like LIV golf?" that would be my easy, simple answer: "I don't like it."

There are gobs and gobs of reasons why I don't like it. In fact, what I would say as a general overview is this -- I don't like anything about it.

Nearly all of this you've read here before, but the quick summary follows:

I think the very nature by which they've put LIV golf together as a golf "tour" is wrong and goes against the very spirit of the way golf was built as a competitive sport. A shotgun start where every player is on the course at the same time and doesn't play the course in its natural routing is an awful idea. Shotgun starts are perfect for charity scramble tournaments or any other event you play where the actual "winner" doesn't matter.

Best buddies these days brings friends together.

Guaranteeing a golfer prize money without the necessity of a high-level, quality performance is also wrong and flies directly in the face of what made becoming a professional golfer a "journey" in the first place. It's hard freakin' work and only the best of the best who can handle shooting 70-68 and not making a dime wind up being strong enough to eventually do it for a living.

Please note there's a difference between a "stipend" and "prize money". The USGA gives every professional (and amateur) a small stipend ($6,000 professionals, $2,500 amateurs) for missing the cut at the U.S. Open. That is much, much different than LIV golf giving their last place guy $120,000 for playing three days of golf and failing to once break 75.

As I've noted here before, golf was built on this concept: If you think you're good enough to compete, then go ahead and sign up for the tournament, show up on the first tee and have at it. If you're better than a certain, pre-determined portion of the field, you get to stick around and play the final two rounds. If you're not good enough, you get to go home after two rounds. You knew that format was in place before you started, so please don't whine about it. Just put your stuff in your trunk, quietly, and exit the premises.

Oh, and if it irritates you that you spent a lot of money on airfare, a hotel, rental car, food and caddie and didn't make any money that week in order to offset those expenses, here's how you fix that moving forward: Get. Better.

That's how *real tournament golf* works. If you don't like where you finished this week, try practicing a bit harder. I have several significant events coming up on my personal schedule; the Maryland Open, the Middle Atlantic Senior Amateur and the U.S. Senior Amateur qualifier. Guess where I'm going today? To see my instructor, get my swing on video, and figure out how I can improve over the next month in an effort to play well in those events and hopefully win, contend, qualify, etc.

When 48 players get together and play a tournament and the only thing on the line at the end is money (meaning, no access to other events, major championships, Ryder Cups, etc.), it's not really a golf tournament. It's King Eddie playing softball in your hometown in mid-July. It's an exhibition. And, by the way, exhibition golf has its place in the golf world, somewhere. But it doesn't interest me.

What will interest me, someday (hopefully soon), is when Denny McCarthy has a 6-foot putt on the 72nd hole that gets him into the Masters if he makes that putt. It could also be Sahith Theegala with that same putt. Or Joseph Bramlett. When there's something on the line that *really* matters, I'm interested.

I don't really care what the prize money is for any golf tournament, at any point. They could give the winner of The Players $30 million for all I care. I understand prize money and purses go up. When you won a PGA Tour event in the early 1990's, first place paid $180,000. Now it pays $1.2 million. People crying about PGA Tour purses should do a little research to see how much they've ballooned over the last 30 years. Professional golfers call that "The Tiger Effect" but that's a story for another day.

I won an amateur event in Hagerstown in 2000 where the winner got $350 in pro shop credit. Last year, that tournament's winner got $750. Good for him. I won 21 years too early, I guess. Prize money goes up and everyone's fine with it, especially those who win said prize money.

So, it's not *the money* that rankles me with LIV golf. It's how its doled out that I think waters down the expected quality of the tournament and the performance of the players. There's nothing on the line with LIV. You're not going to the Masters if you win this week's event in Portland. You don't qualify for all four majors. You're not gaining valuable Ryder Cup points this week. You're just playing golf and getting paid.

When you already received $100 million from the LIV head office and you're playing today in Portland, what reason is there for you to work hard at your game in preparation for that event and why would you fret over an 8-foot putt on the 18th hole (wherever that might be for you on the course) when you know you're making at least $120,000 no matter if it goes in or not?

And please don't say, "Because they are professional golfers and they're used to working hard and preparing." Now it's my time for "Gotcha!".

Every player who has signed up for LIV and spoken about their decision to join the fledgling circuit has echoed one common theme: "I'm playing LIV because I make more money and play *less* golf." The American players, in particular, aren't looking to play more golf and work harder. They've made that clear. They want to play less golf and, as a result, spend less time having to worry about the state of their golf game.

That theme, by the way, is probably more about "American" than "golfer". We're becoming experts at that these days, a concept propped up by our own government. How do I work less (or not at all) and still make enough money to survive? But I digress...

I dislike LIV golf because there's nothing about it that resembles the way professional golf should be played. That's it, in a nutshell. Your mileage may vary there. And if it does, that's great. I think it's awful. Enough said there.

But here's the final piece of LIV. And, now, I'll go ahead and show you the comment from yesterday's #DMD that, on its own, was intended to be a "Gotcha!" entry.

Here is a question that won’t get answered in any future blog: if the Saudi money bothers you so much…why haven’t you deleted your Facebook account? And why is it just the golf money being scrutinized?

Well, pal, I'm answering it. So..........Gotcha!

I definitely cackled at the stupidity of something like this: "You don't like Saudi-involved golf but you still have Facebook, you rat fink hypocrite."

That's true. I do still have Facebook, although I'll admit -- and this has zero to do with the Saudi involvement -- I hardly ever post there any longer. I use it mostly to post pictures of my children, frankly. I don't have anything *against* Facebook. I just don't use it all that much these days.

And I had zero idea that the Saudi government was somehow financially tied into Facebook as an investor. The reason? I. Don't. Care. About. Facebook. If it went out of business tomorrow, I wouldn't care at all. Not one iota.

I have no idea what other things the Saudi government invests in that are in "my world" every day. I realize the $68 of gas I put in my vehicle yesterday somehow involves them. I didn't have a choice yesterday. My dashboard read "11 miles to E" and I needed gas so I pulled into a gas station. I didn't have time to figure out where the gas came from -- I needed to get somewhere.

Nike always seems to be a favorite of the viperish whiners who specialize in "Gotcha!". If you buy Nike stuff, you're contributing to the treatment of the folks in China making the shoes, shirts, etc.

Well, I don't own or wear a piece of Nike clothing. Not one. But it has nothing to do with Nike and China. It has to with the fact that 90% of the time in my life, I wear "golf clothes". And Nike makes terrible golf apparel. If I somehow win or get a piece of Nike apparel given to me, I pass it on to my son. I don't like it. I never have. Nike, to me, was a sneaker company who decided to try their hand at golf apparel. They should have stuck with making sneakers.

I have never actually purchased a piece of Nike golf apparel. But it has nothing to do with China. It has everything to do with the quality of Nike clothing.

So I don't spend time here "scrutinizing" Nike, China, the NBA, gas, Facebook and all that stuff for one reason: I don't know anything about it. If that makes my world vison "narrow", I'll sign off on that. I follow golf. That's it.

I don't care how Facebook makes their money. I use it once a week. If I'm keeping their cash flow going because I visit and interact there once a week, that's pretty wild.

So, if you post your silly "Gotcha!" commentary and think I'm somehow going to start diving more deeply into international economics and politics, you, as Judas Priest once said, have another coming. I don't care about the NBA or Facebook or who makes the clothes for Nike.

If the NBA went out of business tomorrow, I wouldn't care.

If Facebook went out of business tomorrow, I wouldn't care.

If Nike went out of business tomorrow, I wouldn't care.

I care about golf. I have opinions on golf. If "golf" went out of business tomorrow, I'd be heartbroken.

But, yes, there is a connection between Saudi Arabia, 9-11, human rights and ----- golf.

I'm not interested in boosting the self esteem of the Saudi government because they started this awesome new golf league and coaxed a handful of big name players away from the PGA Tour in an obvious effort to get the world to forget what they helped develop and pull off on September 11, 2001.

If I have to buy gas and the Saudi government somehow makes a-tenth-of-one-cent from me because of that, so be it. I don't have a choice, really, unless I want to walk from Parkville to Eagle's Nest.

But I clearly have a choice when it comes to supporting LIV golf. I can support it or not support it. And I'm not supporting it. Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow and not next month, either.

There's nothing about it that connects with me. The creeps who run it don't connect with me. The structure of the entity itself and the way they *play* golf doesn't connect with me. And the players who have sold their souls to the regime funding the whole thing don't connect with me, either. Every single one of them should be ashamed beyond belief.

One of these days, if they show long-term evidence that they're no longer trying to kill innocent Americans in New York (or anywhere else) or newspaper writers from Washington D.C., perhaps I'll be more in favor of a Saudi-based golf league.

But that handshake is a long, long way from taking place.

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you keep asking

Ben asks -- "Settle an argument for my golf group as someone who played a "national Open" golf tournament. If a 2 handicap played the course where they just held the U.S. Open and it was the day after the tournament and all the pins were "Sunday pins" and he played from the same tees, what percentage chance would he have of breaking 80? Thanks! (A bucket of Rolling Rock is resting on this, Drewski!)"

DF says -- "OK, so first things first, they played it as a par 70, right? It was a "71" in 1988 but they changed some holes and this time it played to a par of 70. OK, so 9 pars and 9 bogeys gets you a 79. My guess is he has a 10% chance of breaking 80. And I'm saying that not knowing anything about his golf game. Long hitter but not good around the greens? Short hitter but a really good putter? Those things matter a little bit in this exercise, but a "2" is probably pretty solid in all facets of the game. I'd go on to say I think your mythical "2" handicap has a better chance of shooting 84 or higher than he does breaking 80. Enjoy your Rolling Rock!"

Harbs and Lamar aren't missing the playoffs again in 2022, right?

G-Man asks -- "What has a better chance of happening in 2022? The Orioles being within 5 games of a wild card spot on September 1st or the Ravens failing to make the playoffs?"

DF says -- Really good question. Unless something weird happens, the Orioles aren't going to be within 5 games of the wild card spot on September 1st. We saw last year when they got crushed with injuries that the Ravens are capable of not making the post-season, but it would take an odd series of events (again) for them to not make it in 2022. So what has a better chance of actually happening? It's the Ravens. I don't see any way the Orioles can be within 5 games of the wild card spot on September 1. I could see the Ravens finishing 10-7 and somehow not making it into the post-season, although I believe they're a 13 win team in '22 who will make it."

Chris asks -- "What's your opinion of Bulle Rock in Havre de Grace? Thanks!"

DF says -- "It's a really good golf course. I love the way it starts off with a handshake at #1, then makes you split the fairway on the par 5 second hole. You can make par, double-bogey there very quickly. I think the 5th, 9th and 18th holes are among the three toughest holes in all of Maryland. #9 could be in my top 10 toughest holes, honestly. I'm thinking really hard about a "bad hole" there and I don't think I can come up with one. They all present unique challenges either off the tee or with the approach shot. It's a great piece of property and the layout is outstanding."

Martin Preller asks -- "Rake in the bunker of outside of the bunker? What's your preference?"

DF says -- "I never thought of that until I read your e-mail. I realize some places do have a preference. I think mine is that the rake should be left in the bunker. That's what it's there for in the first place, right? So why not just keep it there? Plus, a rake outside of the bunker could keep an errant shot from entering the bunker, which seems sort of counter productive. Leave it in the bunker!"

P.B. asks -- "For a future Q and A section. Letterman, Fallon or Conan?"

DF says -- "Oh, Letterman by a mile. Not even close. But that's the "old school" in me, I guess. Fallon is very talented. I haven't really wanted much of Conan so I can't offer a lengthy opinion on him. But it's Letterman all the way. Speaking of Letterman, here's my favorite all-time interview of oldie but certainly a goodie. When David says "That's high praise coming from you" I always laugh. I've even muttered that a few times here at #DMD when I read the comments. Enjoy the video below!"


#dmd comments

Joe P.     June 30
I am a hypocrite. I pick and choose what I accept and what I reject. To be ethically "pure" is impossible.

I freely admit to having inconsistent positions on many things. The problem is that very few admit to being a hypocrite. So those that say that they have absolute integrity? Those are the ones to worry about.

The world is complex. If you try to find some connection to something nefarious in a man/woman/company/ can find it. The issue is how much of it is evil at it's core or guilty by a distant association and what weight you give to it.

Meanwhile, speaking of hypocrisy and lies. The radio mogul is rewriting history and making up completely uncheckable stories of his "dear friendship" with Tony Siragusa. We did business with Tony. He did some local advertising for us. Once, my brother and I were at a function with Tony and radio mogul was there. He burst up to us and tried to meet us, glom on to Tony and was in "sell" mode. Within 45 seconds he was shoving his card at us, trying to get ours and Tony Robbinsing us with absurd language about the empire. Hundreds of thousands of interactions, 15 seconds after he started I looked over at my brother, his eyes were glazing over and he did what my father always did....he turned around and walked away. He did not suffer fools and rather than say something untoward, he left. Tony went after him and said "You want me to get rid of that turd"? Tony went on to explain that the guy was a joke, a watcher, a fan boy who got crushes on players and unprofessional. "Worst I have ever seen". But just this week one of my employees told me that he was saying on air that in a personal moment while only he and Tony were there and Tony was concussed...he said "I love you man". This story doesn't jibe with all of the other facts and this never heard story arrives while half of this intimate one on one encounter is dead? My employee says he listens to only for the unintentional comedy.

The Money Nerd     June 30
Is this Herman guy real or a put on?

He has to be on staff behind the scenes and comes around to stir the pot.

No one can be that stupid day after day after day.

Here's who is getting the money. THE GOLFERS!!!

Of course the President of the PGA Tour and the staff people make salaries. Someone has to run the organization.

But THE GOLFERS who make $1 million for winning a tournament or a match are the ones getting the $$$$.

And here's something else Herman doesn't realize. If they don't like the way the money gets paid out they can leave and go play somewhere else which is exactly what they did!!!

Why are you crying about a bunch of golfers making millions to play golf?

Stats Nerd     June 30
Lmao Herm. I like your moxie but let’s at least be honest

Herman in todays post: According to a guest writer here I'm not allowed to beat the same drum.

Me literally 5 comments earlier: He is certainly entitled to do it I’m just not sure what he hopes to accomplish

C’mon Man! This reeks of people complaining about being “canceled”

Carry on

J.J.     June 30
DF taking on the haters and squashing them with logic is what I'm here for today. Gettin' the popcorn out for a day full of fun at The Dish!

Such     June 30
DF, Your reference to the hula hoop today reminds me to re-watch one of my favorite Coen brothers' movies, The Hudsucker Proxy. Great cast, with Paul Newman and Tim Robbins leading, plus it's in black and white, which always pleases me on some weird artistic level. I have some appointment viewing for the holiday weekend now. Thanks.

MFC     June 30
"Gotcha" didn't start in 2016 I suggest a read of Hamilton. Loved the musical but the book is much better.

The Saudi Investment is the largest in the world. They touch so many of the things we interact with everyday. It's almost impossible to not support businesses they support.

I know woman's lax doesn't move the needle here but the World Championships are in Baltimore this week, well actually Towson. Hopefully you get to see the best of the best play. It will take your mind off of LIV golf and high school QB's inking $9mm deals.

BTW, read today the LIV golf purses are not acting as a "draw", they refuted that yesterday. The prize money is in addition to the signing bonus.

Unitastoberry     June 30
Letterman was great in his early days but eroded in latter years. Carson is still the king of late night and will always be for me. Steve Allen was great too. Yeah I'm old.

CIK     June 30
It wasn’t a gotcha question. At least the answer was “somewhat” honest. I guess the “I really like golf & don’t want it to mess with my weekend programming” justifies ignoring the real problem that exists. The real problem: we let our politicians sell the United States soul to China & the Saudi type governments. This was never about journalists being murdered…it was about making sure the right golfers make it to Augusta in April.

HERMAN     June 30
According to a guest writer here I'm not allowed to beat the same drum. I like it better when Such was a regular contributor, he didn't criticize my commentary.

No one wants to discuss the disease only the symptoms. Sports is generating wads of cash. The cash is up for grabs. Who is supposed to get it?

Are these golfers supposed to "stay pure" and hungry by fighting for it each week in a play well or get cut situation? Or, if the money is floating and being paid out, should they grab the share they feel they deserve?

The money is there, it is a constant. It's being generated and exists.

So.....who should get it?'

Arguing for the purity of "make the putt or trunk slam" is living in some fantasy land in 2022.

I choose to live in the real world.

Eric in Gaithersburg     June 29
Legendary one hit wonders- Right Said Fred, Chumbawamba, Dexys midnight runners, Frankie goes to Hollywood 🤣

Bo     June 29
LOL. A "Beatle" = one hit.

Jason M     June 29
I get jokes...sometimes! Ok, so a Beatle is not what baseball insiders commonly refer to as being one hit. Almost as good as Tim Couch to the Ravens Drewski!

Billy     June 29
@Herman is accomplishing as much as "KP" and "CJ" no? Actually Herman accomplishes more by actually providing on topic opinions.

Stats Nerd     June 29
@MFC and others-I think LIV is a fast moving developing story that at least has SOME impact on the TOUR and professional golf generally. For DF to report on that evolution is natural and to be expected. For Herman to come back day after day is tiresome.

He is certainly entitled to do it I'm just not sure what he hopes to accomplish.

CIK     June 29
Here is a question that won’t get answered in any future blog: if the Saudi money bothers you so much…why haven’t you deleted your Facebook account? And why is it just the golf money being scrutinized?

RC     June 29
I will admit to laughing at the "Beatle" line today. DF's dislike of them is legendary.

Eric in Gaithersburg     June 29
Jason- DF honestly believes Dave Matthews band has more hits than Beatles so take his musical opinions with a grain of salt lmao

Eric in Gaithersburg     June 29
Delray- I didnt say he was. The evaluators did. But he is our best player and can get better

Kp     June 29
Since KJ and others here remind us that we are entitled to an opinion, here's mine.

Herman is the worst.

Jason M     June 29
See you learn stuff reading the Dish. I've been following baseball for my whole life, 46 years, and I have never heard to a team being one hit as a Beatle. I'm guessing this isn't a reference to The Beatles as they had many hits, but maybe it's an ironic reference? Or maybe just because that one line on the scoreboard probably looked so small it just might be a bug that alighted on the board? Rare intersection of etymology and entomology.

MFC     June 29
Agree with KJ, if LIV appears on the blog it's "open" season. Herman can flat out comment and shouldn't be chastised for it. You could say the same thing about the site owner. Everyone knows where he sits on this. So why not take the site owner on?

@CIK, you were 100% correct about my post the other day, it was poorly written. I think you got my drift however. My point was if "local" municipalities" felt strongly about LIV golf they could make it pretty unbearable for them to put the tournament on and for the "fans" that might show up. I'm not saying that should happen just saying they could make it very difficult. So far it seems that the local communities have really not taken a stand and perhaps are looking at some small $ benefits from having the event. I mean if you feel that strong about LIV will it ever stop you from going to Portland? Would the site owner turn down an invite to Pumpkin Ridge because they held the tournament there?

kj     June 29
@Stats Fair point re: Herman, except just about every day the site content touches on LIV golf and commenters keep taking shots at people who criticize what some have called "selective outrage".

Not saying Herman does not beat a lot of dead horses, just saying his redundancy here does have some justification.

I'm with ya on the LIV product itself does not seem that watchable, what with their 54 hole shotguns with "teams" that I have not bothered to even try to understand. Hard to see this alternate league ever approaching AFL or even ABA status, but those leagues existed only to force the hands of the establishment, which they both eventually did. That's the $100M question here is it not? Can LIV maintain a pulse long enough to force PGA Tour to change its revenue structure? I for one hope they do but if I am being honest, I would not bet on them achieving that goal.

Delray RICK     June 29
ERIC....He's not in class with VLAD jr.

Stats Nerd     June 29
@Herman I think your point is made at this point. Why do you keep coming back to make it? It's clear it aggravates you and yet here you are each morning.

FWIW I still think the LIV product is fairly laughable and really not interesting for me to tune in.

Phil moves the needle but only in so far as he is a brand (tarmished tho it may be)

Bryson "could" be interesting if he gets the mash back and gets healthy

DJ, Brooks meh...I don't think anyone cares about them much

The rest of these guys...They could be playing at Pine Ridge this afternoon and I don't think I would drive over to see them from Towson

HERMAN     June 29
I'm just baffled by all this pearl clutching over the Saudis and their tainted money. From the same people who probably have enough Nike gear made in China in their closet to choke a moose. Didn't our President just go to Saudi to negotiate with them? We are so in bed with dictators, countries who violate human rights, and just awful regimes that to single out these golfers for taking the cash is just selective moral posturing. The Bush family was so in deep with the Saudis they hid the fact the majority of the 911 terrorists had Saudi connections for years. Dear old Daddy Bush took millions in speaking fees from them. The Saudi investment in the US is so pervasive even you, say some Glen Burnie Mook who reads this site, is complicit to some degree.

Watching the PGA dance with increased purses and new improved partnerships is sickening. That they paper over these changes by saying "we signed a new TV contract, we have new funds available", come on man, sell that crap to the gullible.

Money in sports has reached the ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Whatever is floating around out there for golf should accrue to the golfer. At this point I'd tune into watch Koepka, Phil and DeChambeau and Reed duke it out. The other 44 are bonus.

It's just completely ridiculous the same guy standing on the first tee shaming the Saudi money and moral posturing happens to be wearing a Nike hat, and Nike swish on his moisture wicking golf shirt. That is how clueless people have become. Self awareness is dead, dead and buried.

larry     June 29
DMD editor must have had the day off today lol.

Eric in Gaithersburg     June 29
More importantly for Os, Baseball prospectus new #1 prospect, the only 20 yr old in AAA,G Henderson continues to force Os hand hitting for cycle last night. Above avg D at 3rd and with light tower power and more walks than ks in his career he is a unicorn. Not too many teams can boast a future middle of the order better than Hayes Mountcastle Rutschman Henderson. And yes i pay Hayes tomorrow. You are seeing why he was right there with Vlad Jr in prospect rankings 4 yrs ago

Chris     June 29
That Flyers video gets me every time. LMAO!!!!!

Erick     June 29
Browns may have backed up the truck to a QB who if suspended for 2022, would return in 2023 not having played for 2 straight seasons.

C.j.     June 28
lol at KJ.

kj     June 28
So if we are going to talk about LIV golf we have to also mention we support the American people who lost loved ones on 9/11??? Otherwise, we clearly don't care about them??

SOD has some weird rules for the comments section, and let's just leave it at that. Carry on in defense of whatever it is you think needs your defending

Stats Nerd     June 28
Actually I had forgotten that Goose was here 5 years. In my brain I was thinking only 3.

But I disagree with JR I think both the players he mentioned had far greater impact than Goose. Maybe it's because of the positions they play but Heap was FAR more impactful.

Goose obviously had that off the field persona tho

J.R.     June 28
Also forgot to mention, I agree with the Hays situation. No long term deal for him. But I disagree on Siragusa. He's more of a Ring of Honor player than McCrary or Heap in my opinion.

J.R.     June 28
@DF hit on so many hot button topics today. Siragusa, prayer, LIV golfers, junior golf behavior. One of the best days for the Dish in 2022 today. Too bad most of the influencers here just come around to say dumb stuff or stick the hornets nest.

Larry     June 28
Thank you, Ben, I couldn't have said it better myself.

"As for hypocrisy, ask the Khashoggi family about that."

unitastoberry     June 28
I guess the Hail Mary pass is still safe? Doug Flutie was a great qb. I prefer Hail Myriam.

BJ     June 28
Kevin asked "Where exactly did CIK or KJ say anything positive about the Saudi govt??"

They didn't. They also didn't say anything supportive of the American people who lost loved ones on 9/11. I noticed Drew used the word [contrarian] above to describe some of his readers. CIK and KJ are two of those people (my words, not Drew's words), I'm afraid.

TimD in Timonium     June 28
"Maybe the local politicians should just make it somehow more dangerous to travel to Baltimore City."

@CIK, maybe not "to" the city, but they've been very successful at making it dangerous "in" the city. Part of the reason FIFA said "no" to the DC / B-more joint Cup bid.

No Dog Days of Summer around here. This bar room stays rowdy all year long. And I'll say this for the LIV Tour - love them or (mostly) hate them - they've made golf much more interesting and entertaining week to week.

Howard     June 28
The first amendment calls not only for freedom of religion but freedom FROM religion.

When a coach in a public school has a prayer gathering in public, on school grounds, how does that affect the athletes that do not participate?

If you want to have public prayer sessions on school grounds, go to a parochial school.

This is a post from a religious man who thanks God every day that he lives in America.

kevin     June 28
@Ben Where exactly did CIK or KJ say anything positive about the Saudi govt?? Sounds like they simply questioned why its an issue just for LIV golf.

Boy you people prove @MFC right every single day doncha...

Ben     June 28
KJ and CIK are exactly the kind of Americans the Saudi govt appreciates. Brainwashed American people who are willing to quickly forget about all of the Saudi driven atrocities because they own a ticket agency, soccer team and ride sharing company.

As for hypocrisy, ask the Khashoggi family about that.

Stats Nerd     June 28
@Herm While I am decidedly anti-LIV I think I can fairly say that your first error was expecting something intelligent from Faldo. He's really not good in the booth. I don't have high hopes for Immelman but I can't imagine he will be worse than Sir Nicky

MFC     June 28
@SUCH, 100%

Such     June 28
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

I look forward to the reaction when a Muslim coach gathers his team together to pray to Allah, or when a Jewish coach gathers his team together to read from the Torah, or when a Hindu coach gathers his team together in front of a statue of Vishnu, or...

What's that, you say? Not THOSE gods? Oh...

kj     June 28
@CIK is 100% right. "Selected outrage" re: the Saudis is spot on. The Middle East and specifically 9/11 have so many tentacles and there is no straight-line reason why anything in that region happens, or why 9/11 happened, so that argument holds no water at all.

You want to trash the format of LIV, there's a ton of meat on that bone so have at it. People trying to act like American golfers are somehow supporting the acts on 9/11 are doing just what CIK says, selectively being outraged.

As for Q&A here at DMD, Drew hit the nail on the head today, it is exactly why the format works here. It's as if Drew is back on the radio, which is what he excelled at and what got all of us interested on following him. As Drew said, you miss out on the back and forth but in this format, it's what you have to live with.

And while I certainly support @MFC being able to write what he wants here, he's off base on this one. Doesn't make him a "Drew hater" or a bad person, just wrong about Q&A being a bad format. Frankly it beats repeating the same commentary on LIV every day lol.

HERMAN     June 28
The question is who deserves the cash. Simple as that.

The money is being generated, and we are all guilty. Are we not all visiting a sports site daily, creating clicks, creating revenue generation, producing cash? If we stop the cash stops. Perhaps out of the good of his heart the site owner keeps posting daily, but the cash helps.

I go back to Faldo's comments over the weekend. Self awareness is dead and buried. Faldo says he is dismayed with no-cut tournaments as the players don't have to earn their keep. This as the same gravy train feeds him doing commentary on the backs of others efforts. He faces no cuts, and no pressure, and cashes each week commenting on their efforts. But they should face the potential to trunk slam out-of-pocket, he gets a fat check no matter what. Sure he "earns" it through his talents and efforts, but if the money is there then the players should get compensated. The question should be asked who was getting it all this time, because this isn't all newfound cash. The best example is the NCAA. The kids never got paid a dime legally. So who got the billions being produced by the college game? There are some Reynolds Lake homes and memberships funded off the backs of a bunch of amateurs who were on TV every week you can bet on that.

CIK     June 28
The selected outrage over LIV golf is embarrassing on so many levels. Why no outrage at the Premier League (covered here regularly)? Those same Saudi’s own a team called Newcastle. Have you taken an Uber lately…they own 5% of that company. Do you like to attend Springsteen & Mccartny concerts? They own a piece of Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster. Facebook, Bank Of America, Disney all accepted their money too.

So the next time you take an Uber to a concert at Camden Yards…maybe the local politicians should just make it somehow more dangerous to travel to Baltimore City.

The hypocrisy is off the charts.

Pat C.     June 28
Hey Drew, as someone who is still trying to understand exactly what LIV golf is, thank you for that reply today about the majors and the world rankings. I know the landscape much better now. Seems like the guys who jumped should probably prepare to not play majors in a couple of years if there isn't a way for them to qualify to get in.

Josh     June 28
Love this site. However, book and music suggestions for the beach is not why I visit here.

@MFC Get the health department involved to squash the LIV events?? C’mon

MFC     June 28
We have reached "that' stage, beyond crazy and hold on to your hat stage. A Miami football QB recruit agreed to a $9.5 mm NIL deal and apparently turned down more lucrative deals from Florida. Not bad for a "rising senior", so he's playing high school ball this year. This Sports Illustrated story is being denied by the student but this is one where there's smoke you know there's fire. I've heard through the grapevine the going rate for top offensive lineman is $500k.

Regardless, it's out of control and the genie is out of the bottle. I blame the NCAA for sitting on their hands all these years and now the price is being paid.

With Texas and Oklahoma heading to the SEC next year there will basically be one conference that means anything, the SEC. The Big 10 will play second fiddle. The ACC, with the partial demise of Clemson isn't a factor. The PAC whatever is a conference no one really cares about.

The O's are fun, hoping to get to a game and haven't said that in two or three years.

If the cities hosting LIV golf wanted to make a statement and really put a dent in them just don't support them. No police at intersections, no concessions or have the health dept. be tougher than normal. There's a myriad of things that could be done to make it miserable for the fans. I know how hard jurisdictions work to make it right, it wouldn't take much to make it flat out disgusting.

June 29, 2022
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hump day musings

Well, Dean Kremer was really good at least.

Those Oriole bats, though. Not so much.

In what is commonly known in baseball as a "Beatle", the Birds managed just one hit last night. It came in the 4th inning and was provided by Ryan Mountcastle. And that was it. Seattle scored twice in the bottom of the 8th to win, 2-0.

Kremer saved the night with an exceptional start on the mound, going 7 innings and striking out 5 and allowing just 4 hits while lowering his ERA to 1.29. Cionel Perez and Felix Bautista teamed up to allow the eighth inning uprising. Perez got the loss.

Dean Kremer provided the O's with another solid start last night but the Baltimore bats were a bummer.

I saw on Twitter where some fans thought Austin Hays shoulda-coulda-woulda caught Jesse Winker's deep fly ball to right that just alluded Hays' outstretched glove and bounded off the wall for a game-winning double. Eh, maybe.

It wasn't the hardest play that's ever been (possibly) made in MLB. Catchable? Sure. But when the O's only get one hit in 9 innings, you should probably be more upset about that than a difficult catch that didn't come to fruition.

Robbie Ray was really good for Seattle last night, which probably made Brandon Hyde's skin catch fire. Ray, you might remember, got into it with Hyde in Baltimore last season when he pitched for Toronto. I'd post the video here but we have a rule we won't show a video with more than four f-bombs in 30 seconds and in that particular incident, Hyde managed to spit out five of them in 23 seconds. Either way, you get the story. There's a history between the two and last night, at least, Ray got the better of it.

By the way, they had 16,000 people in Seattle last night to watch that game. Is Adley Rutschman *that* popular out in the Pacific Northwest? I know what you're thinking: "What's the big deal about 16,000 people at a game?".

16,000 on a Tuesday night in Seattle is about 7,000 more than we'd draw in Baltimore. We'd be pushing 8,793 through the gates, basically.

The Mariners and Orioles both have the same record at 35-41. So there's that.

After today's series finale, the Birds head to Minnesota for a Friday-Saturday-Sunday series before heading home to take on Texas.

A friend texted me yesterday with this query: Would you place a bet right now (with the associated odds in place) that the Orioles reach the .500 mark at some point -- any point -- during the rest of this regular season?

You know what? If I got decent odds, I'd take that bet. I know they're 35-41 after last night's loss. It's hard to get to .500 when you're behind like that. But I think they might do it. Maybe something like 47-47?

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ask and ye shall receive

Ramey asks -- "I know you've said recently you'd be in favor of keeping Brandon Hyde around but isn't it too tempting to bring in Joe Girardi or Joe Maddon for the final step of this rebuild? They're both proven winners."

DF says -- "The only way I wouldn't bring Hyde back is if there's something about the way the Orioles play -- or Elias somehow discovers on his own -- that leads you to believe the team isn't *playing* for him. I'd say it's the exact opposite. They're playing hard for him, as far as I can tell.

This O's team is going to win 70 games in 2022, maybe even creeping closer to 75 wins. If, let's say, they finish 70-92, that's basically one more loss than win per-week. That's it. Next year, just flip the script every week and go 92-70. I know it's not quite that easy -- "just flip the script". But you know what I'm saying. When you're 70-92, you're not really all that far away.

Is it reasonable to think Hyde could get them to do that just as easily as Girardi or Maddon? I think so. If nothing else, I'd say Hyde deserves the chance. And I mean that when I saw it: "deserves". He was handed a beat-up, half-a-lemon car with no A.C. or air conditioning and told to drive it to work every day because the company doesn't have anything else for you. Then, suddenly, they get a new fleet of vehicles and they don't give you one? That wouldn't be cool. You deserve better.

After what they put him through, Hyde deserves to at least get the chance to drive the Orioles in 2023. And I like Maddon (and find no real fault with Girardi), by the way. But Maddon had a *real* team in Los Angeles with two of the best players in Major League Baseball and still got canned. What's that say about him?"

If there was ever a question about whether the folks at LIV golf are creeps, just remember they've now hitched their wagon to this guy.

Pat asks -- "For a Q and A this week. Assuming you saw it, what did you think of the LIV press conference today (Tuesday) with Reed, Koepka and Perez?"

DF says -- "In one word...sad. I totally understand Pat Perez's position. He's "just a guy" in the world of professional golf. He has 3 wins in 25 years on TOUR. It's not getting any easier for him now, at age 46. If anyone deserves a bit of a free ride, it's him. And he was fairly honest about it yesterday, I thought, which separates him from most of the other LIV'ers, who do nothing but lie.

"I've been traveling out here, playing golf, longer than someone like Matthew Wolff has been alive," Perez said yesterday. "I'm not interested in having to play week in and week out, so this (LIV) fits in with the way I'd like my schedule to be." That was a good, clean answer. He left out the part about the money grab element of it, but all in all, Perez's commentary made sense.

But Koepka and Reed...the defiant, acerbic tone in both of their voices told the story. They know they're wrong for defecting to LIV, but they just don't care. Reed doesn't surprise me in the least. He's always on the defensive with the media, mainly because they're the ones who jab at him every time he gets caught cheating. The media can get that way, you know. So I expected Reed to be prickly yesterday. It's in his DNA.

Koepka is the one who should *really* be ashamed of himself. That hilarious lie he told yesterday about signing with LIV was the real cake-topper. "I didn't start talking with them until the morning after the U.S. Open." Yeah, sure. And McGwire and Sosa weren't on steroids in 1998, either. The worst part about Koepka's "stance" regarding LIV is it totally wrecks the "I'm way more cool than you" brand he worked so hard to establish for the better part of four years or so.

He's now just another dude who sold out, which was always something you assumed he'd never do. He was too much of a competitor and a "man's man" to sell out and run with the crowd. And then to let the media ruffle his feathers like they did yesterday? I assumed Brooks was better than that. Alas, he's not."

Barker asks -- "Hey Drew, hope you can get this one in a future mailbag column. Is there a train of thought that says NFL teams who have to go to London and play a game are a distinct disadvantage? I liken it to playing on Thursday night. When the NFL realized how much of an impact it had on the teams that played Thursday games, they made every team play one in order to level the playing field. Isn't London the same thing? Thanks!"

DF says -- "I'd have to ask our friend The Stats Nerd to go back and look at the records of teams playing London games over the years and see how many made the playoffs, how many didn't, etc. and then figure out from there if there's some connection to the long trip over to the U.K. My off-the-cuff guess is there's no direct correlation. But I do get your point and it's a fair one. The flight, the time change, the hurried nature of it could create a long-term (seasonal) impact on the teams who play over there.

I wonder if there will come a time when every team plays one game in some other part of the world. You'd need 16 "international cities" to make that happen (assuming the league stays at 32 teams). That's easy. London, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney, Montreal, Rome and so on. Now, there's a lot that goes into a game like that. You have to find a suitable stadium, reconfigure it to NFL football, work with soccer scheduling, etc. But it could definitely happen if the powers-that-be wanted it to happen."

Ryan Boyd asks -- "My father saw a no-hitter (in Yankee Stadium last Saturday) for the first time in his life. He's 77 years old. He just happened to go to the game with a co-worker whose nephew plays for the Astros. It got me to thinking, "What's the one thing in sports I haven't seen that I'd like to see?" How about you? For your Q and A column, what's the one thing you haven't seen?"

DF says -- "This is a good one! It got me to thinking. I've made six aces and seen several others. I've seen Augusta National. Saw the O's win a World Series. Saw the Ravens win a Super Bowl. Saw Fenway and the old Yankee Stadium. Saw Notre Dame. But you know what I've never seen in person? A triple play. I've seen several on TV, of course, but I've never, ever seen a triple play happen in front of me, live.

Oh, and while I didn't see this live, I did *see* it and it's still one of the top five greatest things I've seen in sports. EVER.

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breakfast bytes

O's end Seattle swing with 9-3 loss as Mariners score six runs in the 4th inning to put the game away early.

Yankees improve to 56-20, 34-9 at home, with 5-3 win over Oakland.

NBA: Agent says Beal has turned down Wizards' offer of $36MM per-season.

Women's World Lacrosse Championship kicks off at Towson University as U.S. defeats Canada in anticipated showdown, 16-11.

Wednesday, June 29

WP: C. Flexen (4-8)

LP: A. Voth (0-1)

HR: Rodriguez (12)

RECORD / PLACE: 35-42 / 5th